The Cause
Nature, particularly the ocean and the beach, is our happy place. It provides us with so many positive experiences; it’s where we come to life. We are deeply saddened knowing every year 22 billion plastic bottles are wasted and 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean. We don’t take our responsibility to steward the planet lightly so when we realized we could protect the ocean and help people create more positive experiences in their lives, we had to take action.

The Solution
Plastic bottles and polyester thread found in many of the things you use on a daily basis–like your clothes–are made from the same substance (polyethylene terephthalate). Fortunately, in the 1990s a technique to turn plastic into fabric was created. At Bair our mission is to reduce plastic waste so we use this technique for all the fabric on our chairs. Our Bair Chairs are made using 100% recycled polyester, are Control Union Certified, and meet the Global Recycle Standard.

The Process

Plastic bottles are collected then sterilized and crushed into small chips. The chips are heated, formed into yarn, and wound in spools. The fiber is passed through a machine to create a fluffy texture and then knitted into polyester.

The Benefit
In addition to keeping plastic out of landfills and our oceans, the process by which plastic is converted into recycled polyester uses 30-50% less energy than the traditional process. Although polyester is not biodegradable, it can be recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, potentially eliminating the waste of this material altogether.

The Call
Please join us in our mission to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet and oceans.

In order for us to provide sustainable beach chairs at a fair price, we are unable to provide free returns. Defective products must be shipped back, at the buyer's expense, and then a refund will be issued for the purchase price of the product.